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Atixis: Engineering and Project Management since 2012

ATIXIS expertise has unceasingly expanded over the years. Today we are capable of supporting project owners on a wide variety of missions, from the upstream phases of a project (planning/feasibility) through to completion.


The complementarity of our skills sets also allows us to offer our employees diversified career paths in which they can at any time hone certain skills with the aid of their expert colleagues.


The way we see it, constructing a building or an engineering structure is above all about establishing dialogue between exponents of specialised skills in each field. Just as in an orchestra, you need a conductor (Project Manager, Owner’s Representative, etc.) as well as musicians (technical experts, architects, etc.). Each player needs the other, and this is why ATIXIS today provides all the trades necessary to build a structure.

MEP and Safety design office

MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) and safety engineering covers all the skills in electricity, HVAC plumbing, and fire safety system coordination necessary for the design and building of a structure.

Owner’s Representative/PMO

The Owner’s Representative is involved both upstream of a project to define its contours with the clients as well as in coordinating design and execution.

Project manager

The project manager works alongside the trade experts and oversees the execution of works. He or she is the cornerstone of any construction project.

Design & Build

The Design & Build department will support you in the development of your buildings, as project manager or general contractor. The expertise and multi-disciplinary skills of our employees allow us to operate in any type of sector (service sector, healthcare, industry, etc.).

BIM & Synthesis

The services provided by ATIXIS including designing in 3D, integrating data in digital models and managing the 2D or 3D synthesis of all building trades, today make it possible to best manage the pivot table of a project and optimise the construction and use of the building.


Terao, a Pioneer in sustainable development since 1993, supports its customers with their low-carbon strategy, bioclimatic modelling and design, energy efficiency, commissioning and use, and sustainable development in urban projects.

To support clients in the management of their assets and to optimise project management most efficiently, ATIXIS has created the Combos digital solution.

Structural engineering

The backbone of any construction, structural engineering combines creativity and cutting-edge technical expertise. ATIXIS provides expertise ranging from the sizing of foundations to the calculation of complex structures.