The office sector is one of the most dynamic building sectors in France. In the Paris region alone, office real estate exceeds 50 million square metres. Since its creation, ATIXIS has been involved in this real estate sector and has honed its expertise, both technical and regulatory. Using our range of expertise we have be able to support clients on several hundred office projects. Today we may find ourselves involved in projects involving issues as diverse as:

  • Headcount densification (consolidation of sites)
  • Reorganisation in line with new working modes
  • Root and branch refurbishment for asset improvement or extending the life of structures
  • Environmental renovation of buildings
  • Site transfer and development/construction of corporate headquarters
  • Construction of new buildings
  • ….


The development of the ATIXIS project management department is due in part to our work on large-scale hotel projects. This financially and qualitatively high-stakes and complex field requires a particular type of expertise. This expertise is developed through perfect knowledge of the fire regulations in buildings that receive the public and a solid mastery of the specificities of the hotel industry. It also requires advanced know-how in MEP engineering.

This sector remains a true speciality of the department and also allows us to diversify our activity with agility, to take in other sectors such as student or senior citizen residences, or mixed coliving-type establishments.

Health – Pharmaceuticals

Construction or renovation projects in this sector require a high degree of technical expertise and solid understanding of the processes associated with them. Our teams are perfectly acquainted with the standards ISO 14641, good manufacturing practices (BPF/GMP) and NFS 90351.  ATIXIS can provide you with support on all qualifications, whether they are operational (QO), design (QC), functional (QF) or performance (QP).


The types of constructions on which we support our customers are very diverse: hospitals, private clinics, medical centres, operating theatres, day hospitals, in-house pharmacies, radiotherapy departments, medical imaging, pharmaceuticals industry, cosmetics industry, etc.


Our experts in the sector may be involved as owner’s representative, design & build project manager, or general contractor, depending on the needs of the client.


Transport infrastructures involve a multitude of constraints and know-how (working on occupied sites, access constraints, user safety, non-interruption of services, etc.).  We work on railway facilities (stations, lines, logistics buildings, etc.), aviation facilities (airports, freight zones, etc.), road facilities (toll booths, motorway service stations, lanes, etc.), and maritime facilities.


Real estate linked to education is primarily local real estate. Every town or city has one or more schools. Added to this are all the public or private establishments dispensing general or specific education. This real estate is constantly evolving to adapt to the modes of learning and the regulatory and technical requirements. Our diverse expertise has led us to work both on public educational establishments (primary schools, secondary schools,colleges, universities, etc.) and on private schools (business schools, higher education establishments, etc.). Our excellent mastery of the standards and of the regulations associated with type-R ERPs (buildings receiving the public) enables us to support our clients in the successful achievement of their projects.


The industrial sector requires specific expertise for each branch of industry. Our specialist experts support project owners on both the planning/technical design (controlled atmosphere, pressurised networks, integration of process impacts, etc.) and on the management of complex projects. Hence, in recent years, we have deployed our know-how in branches as diverse as pharmacology, cosmetics, nuclear energy, waste processing, and logistics.

Engineering structures

These are structures whose construction requires a high degree of engineering expertise. This calls for a great deal of experience and the willingness to take on challenges that are often quite unique.

ATIXIS designs engineering structures by way of its structural engineering department. We work on urban redevelopment or on the design and monitoring of work on bridges and footbridges. We have also supported project owners in the operating phase of landmark sites.


Multi-sites is a specialised sector, requiring highly specific skills and organisation.


The keywords for multi-site projects are the following:

  • Perfect knowledge of client reference bases
  • Reactivity
  • Adaptability
  • Mobility


Our teams are trained to work on entire real estate portfolios in the framework of renovation programs.  To do this, we put in place processes with the client when starting projects, so as to enable several employees to work on them while maintaining the same level of quality and identical deliverables for all sites. We can also use our COMBOS digital tool for supervising a multi-site project at the scale of all the real estate assets concerned.


The residential sector continues to develop and we are seeing new forms of housing. Our expertise allows us to adapt to the different requirements for different types of buildings (villas, townhouses, collective housing, social housing) and we are capable of taking into account the crossover issues of the new concepts that are being developed (co-living, mixed-use buildings, etc.).


Retail concerns all retail sales activities and covers everything from small stores to vast shopping complexes. ATIXIS is involved both in works for the store lessors and on the building shells. Our experts are perfectly familiar with the scope and limitations for each building trade and the working constraints linked to this sector.

Our teams are also familiar with the standards governing type-M ERPs (buildings receiving the public).

Working in retail is also about adapting to the specificities and the branding of each company. Rigour, reactivity and adaptability are the bywords for a successful project in the retail sector.


The diversity of sport and leisure infrastructures requires constant adaptability and calls upon a multitude of skills. We work on sports facilities both public (gymnasiums, swimming pools, arenas, etc.) and private (stadiums, tennis courts, sports centres, etc.), as well as on other leisure infrastructures (amusement parks, grandstands, museums, exhibition areas, etc.).